Ever stuttered? Help us better understand the cause of stuttering:

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is appealing for 3,000 volunteers aged 7+ with experience of stuttering (past or present) to participate in the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Speech and Language’s ‘Genetics of Stuttering Study’.

Hear how to volunteer for the 'Genetics of Stuttering Study’ from our ambassador, Harrison Craig

About the 'Genetics of Stuttering Study’


The 'Genetics of Stuttering Study’ aims to pinpoint the genes that predispose individuals to stuttering, which could revolutionise future research into the causes, treatment and prevention of the disorder.

Stuttering or stammering is considered a disability that affects verbal communication – particularly the rhythm or flow of communication.

Although the exact cause of stuttering is yet to be determined, genetics does play a role in stuttering, and a number of genetic variants having been identified to date.

The study involves 10 investigators at eight sites in Australia, the UK and The Netherlands.

Recruitment closes December 31, 2019. Study researchers are working to recruit 3,000 volunteers aged 7+ with a history of stuttering (past or present) into the study.

Participating in this study could make a genuine contribution to solving this disorder.

To learn more, or to volunteer for the 'Genetics of Stuttering Study:

Head to: www.geneticsofstutteringstudy.org.au

Email: geneticsofstuttering@mcri.edu.au

Call: 1800 931 759

Write to:

Jessica Boyce,
Speech and Language Group,
Level 5, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute,
50 Flemington Road, Parkville, VIC, AUS 3052


To help us meet our target of 3,000 participants by December 31, 2019, volunteer for our study today

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How can you help?

If you currently live with, or have a history of stuttering, we encourage you to volunteer for our groundbreaking research study by completing the 10 minute core component of our online survey. Depending on your responses to our survey, you may be asked to donate a saliva sample.

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