Kevin, 70 – Father, grandfather & retired electrical engineer who has battled a life-long stutter, whose father also stuttered, BRISBANE

Former electrical engineer, Kevin, 70, Brisbane is happily married with three adult sons and two grandchildren. A keen photographer, Kevin occasionally delivers an address to his camera club. Throughout the latter stages of his professional career, Kevin actively participated in the speaker’s club at his offices, where he, together with several of his colleagues, prepared…

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Geoff’s Story

Father-to-two, grandfather-to-four and stuttering coach, Geoff, 73, Perth, began stuttering at three years of age.   What ensued was 53 years of trial and error with various speech-related techniques, and an unrelenting search to understand the disorder at its core.   Over time, Geoff, whose father also stuttered up until his early teens, learned to…

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