Now recruiting in New Zealand!

Welcome New Zealand! | Kia ora Aotearoa!

Exciting news! We are now recruiting people who stutter in New Zealand!


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The Genetics of Stuttering study was officially launched in New Zealand last night on TVNZ's Seven Sharp show. Watch the video below to hear Professor Lynette Sadleir from the University of Otago, in Wellington talk about the study. We were also lucky to have the support of Janelle Irvine from the Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust, and the wonderful Quin family!

Catch the full story here:

How do I take part?

Ever experienced stuttering, and Interested in taking part in the study? That's great!

Head here to complete a 10-minute online survey and optionally record a short sample of your speech. You will then be asked to donate a saliva sample, for DNA analysis. We will send a saliva collection kit ('spit-kit') together with a pre-paid return envelope, for you to return your sample. That's it!

DNA Genotek - Saliva DNA & RNA collection kits for research

"Spit-kit" for saliva sample collection.

Not based in New Zealand?

Not based in New Zealand, but still want to take part? No problem!

At the moment we are only able to collect saliva samples for genetic analysis in New Zealand and Australia. If you are based elsewhere, you can still sign up to our study; however, depending where you live, we may not be able to collect your saliva sample just yet. Even if you are not able to provide a saliva sample, the information you provide via the questionnaire will still be valuable to our ongoing work to better understand the experiences of people who stutter.

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