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The Genetics of Stuttering Study

Find out more about our study, including what we are trying discover, the scientists involved and how you can take part.

About Stuttering

Learn about the signs and symptoms of stuttering, what is known about the causes of this condition and other useful resources.

Current Research

Find out about the latest in cutting edge stuttering research, as well as other new research from our team.

For Researchers

Opportunities for collaboration, and other useful information for researchers involved in stuttering and/or genetics.

News and Blog

Spotlight: Participant Rich talks about his experiences with stuttering

By MCRI | Nov 12, 2019

Rich Stephens talks about his experiences with stuttering, and the power of not feeling alone. He feels strongly that “stuttering should never be a taboo subject”. He believes that “to understand anything you need to start at the beginning. Which is why The Genetics of Stuttering Study is so important for the future generations of people who stutter.”

Genetics of Stuttering Study in the media!

By Vicki Jackson | Aug 19, 2019

What an exciting day we had on Friday! The Genetics of Stuttering team spent the day speaking to the media about the study, and put a call out for anybody who has ever experienced stuttering to volunteer for our study.

New research from the study team: We found a new gene that causes a neurodevelopmental disorder, with speech impairment.

By Vicki Jackson | Aug 7, 2019

“We identified seven affected females in four pedigrees with likely pathogenic variants in ZNF142” – Khan et al. 2019

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We are still looking for people who have ever experienced #stuttering to take part in our #research study! 🧬

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We are still recruiting!

If you have ever experienced #stuttering, and are interested in being involved in stuttering #research, see our website for details about how you can get involved!

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