MEDIA ALERT: Seeking 3,000+ Aussie volunteers for ‘Genetics of Stuttering Study’

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 17, 2018), researchers from the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Speech and Language will call for 3,000 Australians aged seven and above with experience of stuttering (past or present) to volunteer for the nation’s largest ever ‘Genetics of Stuttering Study’.

The study aims to pinpoint the genes that predispose individuals to stuttering, which could revolutionise future research into the causes, treatment and prevention of the disorder.

Globally, one per cent of adults stutter,1,2 and nearly 70 per cent of people who stutter report a family history of the disorder.3

Winner of The Voice Australia 2013, who has lived with stuttering since childhood, Harrison Craig, Melbourne, is teaming with study researchers and those who stutter nation-wide, to lend his voice to this worthy cause.

To learn more about the study and why 3,000 Australian volunteers aged 7+ are urgently required, tee up an interview with an expert, Harrison Craig or study participant tomorrow.

Harrison Craig: Winner of The Voice Australia 2013, ARIA chart-topping singer, entertainer & children’s author continuing to thrive despite his life-long stutter, MELBOURNE

Prof Angela Morgan: Chief Investigator, NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for Speech & Language Genetics of Stuttering Study, speech pathologist & NHMRC Practitioner Fellow, MELBOURNE
Prof Melanie Bahlo: Statistical Geneticist & NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, MELBOURNE
Dr Oren Civier: Imaging Research Officer & Post-Doctoral Fellow, The Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health, MELBOURNE
Prof Kirrie Ballard: Head of Speech Pathology, University of Sydney, SYDNEY
Prof Sheena Reilly: Co-Chief Investigator, Genetics of Stuttering Study, Speech Pathologist & Pro Vice Chancellor (Health), Griffith University, GOLD COAST
Prof John McGrath: Psychiatrist, Director, QLD Centre for Mental Health Research & Conjoint Professor, Queensland Brain Institute, BRISBANE
Dr Michelle Swift: Speech pathologist, lecturer & clinical researcher, Flinders University, ADELAIDE
Prof Eric Moses: Director of the Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease, PERTH

Tushar, 34: Married father-to-one, banker, actor & model who has stuttered since childhood, MELBOURNE
Sophie, 26: Cartographer who lives with stuttering & enjoys singing, guitar, getting outdoors & photography, MELBOURNE
Maria, 32: Media agency founder, director & sailing enthusiast who stuttered as a child, MELBOURNE
Lisa, 40: Business owner & mother of two who has lived with a debilitating stutter, whose mother also stuttered, SYDNEY
Samuel, 35: Project manager & local Councillor who has stuttered since childhood, SYDNEY
Paul, 64: Civil structural engineer & university lecturer with a son who stutters, SYDNEY
Mark, 64: Life-long stutterer currently developing a website to coach & support those who stutter, SYDNEY
Vikesh, 44: Father-to-two, IT manager & keen cyclist who has stuttered since childhood, BRISBANE
Kevin, 70: Father, grandfather & retired electrical engineer who has battled a life-long stutter, whose father also stuttered, BRISBANE
Mark, 65: Dentist & National President of SpeakEasy who has stuttered since childhood, ADELAIDE
Geoff, 71: Retired accountant & computer programmer who has lived with a life-long stutter, whose father also stuttered, ADELAIDE
Geoff, 73: Father, grandfather & stuttering coach who has stuttered since childhood, whose father also stuttered, PERTH

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